En el meu món hi cap de tot, des de reflexions atontades basades en els meus sentiments, fins a experiències pròpies. Algú diu que explicar coses personals és una tonteria. Potser sí, però quan poden aportar coses a terceres persones, crec que pot ser interessant. Llegiu amb comoditat i no us enfadeu amb els meus pensaments... segur que no tinc raó! Aquest és el meu món...


My english world...

Wolverhampton is expecting.... or better... I'm expecting Wolverhampton.
Yesterday I began a curse to improve my level of english... Two hours and a half, every tuesday during four weeks... (and one thursday) My IELTS exam is on 30th of March.
Excuse me for writting in english, but i'm in a training period.
You would take advantage of my decision to improve your level of english too....


Blogger Pol said...

Oh!!Yeah!Man!! I think you're becoming a good english student. I'm happy to see your one hundred fourty five euros are going to be profitable for you. ;)
You know I'm in the same case. I think next three weeks for us will be harder in order to finish all homeworks we will recieve but I'm confidence in ours possibilities...We won't fail dramaticly, I'm sure ;)

12:00 a. m.

Blogger Elisabet said...

Wow! I'm very surprised!

I think that posts like this one you have written, will help everybody: you will practice your english writing, and we will practice our english reading too!!

I expect for your exam, and I'm sure you will pass it and you will live an unforgetable year in he place with the most strangest name in the world!!

(How is it? wolverhampton?!?!)

1 Kiss!!

9:56 a. m.

Blogger Pablito el tontito said...


What's that?? A place full of wolves??? Maybe foxes?? Let me guess... I'm wrong to think you decided to go for reason?? Jejejejeje.

Luck and justice in your exam!!

11:09 a. m.

Anonymous Zisku M said...

Ai onli sei uan zink. Niu Meikaper güil gif tu tolc.

Take Care Man,

Zisku M.

11:57 a. m.

Blogger ruth said...

Whay are you taking your exam for? Are you going abroad to study or...? I started learning English at the age of 7 and I think you never quit learning.
So as not to forget it I committed myself to write my blog in catalan spanish and also english. Thus, also, more people can read it and (maybe?) enjoy it!
Good luck and try and practice as much as you can with the net.

4:06 p. m.

Blogger Josep Maria said...

Thank you for your comment, ruth! don't think bad about me... for god! I take this exam for going to study...
And yes... I prove it! Then we will see if bells ring!

4:59 p. m.

Blogger ruth said...

maybe you should try and write as much posts as you can in english. This way you'll be moe fluent and your accuracy will improve. It is also a good idea to watch movies with subtitles and read everything you can in english

1:39 p. m.

Blogger Pol said...

A good technic too It could be listening songs, english ones of course, with its lyrics in front of you. This is a good method to improve your english understanding.

Good weekend! See ya on Monday!

4:48 p. m.


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